Medical Speech Recognition In French

Dragon Medical Practice Edition French

Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Speaks French

Nuance is pleased to offer Dragon® Medical Practice Edition in French, providing current and potential resellers with the opportunity to expand your client base by offering them the top-ranked speech recognition software.

Developed by doctors for doctors, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is popular with 500,000 doctors around the world who use it to supplement their medical and administrative records of their patients and dictate their matches.

Designed for practices with up to 24 physicians, which is perfect for practices who plan to expand, which means you, the reseller, can provide them with the products they need NOW to help them grow and t. The software is also perfect for established practices that want to streamline their workflow, eliminate transcription errors, and spend more time with their patients, instead of doing paperwork.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition French Features:

Earn Recurring Revenue.

Avoid typing or re-entering errors with Dragon Medical solutions, which recognize 100% of medical terminology, adapt to your voice, environment and accent.

Medical Vocabulary.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition French comes with complete medical specific vocabularies as well as a radiological vocabulary (including nuclear medicine). A general vocabulary allows the dictation of emails and letters, as well as the writing of scientific articles.

Save Time.

Forget the keyboard and find medical time! Spend less time in front of your screen and more with your patients.

Simplicity of Use.

Simplicity of use. Your voice, perfectly understood. The most natural tool for an intuitive and simple completion of your computerized patient record.

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