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eDist Canada Corp. has built a profitable, wholesale-only business exclusively around the speech processing industry. As the largest distributor of professional dictation and voice recognition software, we are committed to developing clients into value-added resellers so they can be a part of this fast growing and profitable industry.

If you have not joined this exclusive opportunity yet, we can show you why we should, train you, support you, and help you market your company and make sales. If you are in the business already, then you probably know of us, and we invite you to partner more closely with us. That way, we can elevate your company to the next level of excellence and profitability.

These Products Sell Themselves. When people see a live demonstration, they cannot believe how well the latest versions of this technology work. Many people have used older tape-based dictation and know how cumbersome it can be, so the smooth and secure operation of a digital workflow surprises them. When coupled with Dragon voice recognition software, they see the jaw dropping "wow factor" this technology provides.

Scalable Solutions. You can use as little or as much of the technology as you want. Maybe you can start a client with simple dictation and then move them to Dragon. From there, maybe you can move them to a full Philips Enterprise solution or a wide variety of other professional options. The choice is yours.

What is in it for me?

The resellers of our offered professional products are in a great position to obtain the most sought after income for every business owner - initial profitable sales and recurring revenue.

The primary products we sell are only sold to qualified resellers and have Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP). This means you can expect to make higher profit margins when you sell the product since it should not be offered online at a visible discount. If you add on professional services for advanced functionality and training, you can even make a lot more profit. There is - when selling Dragon software - always the opportunity to sell ongoing training, new licenses, and upgrades each time a new version is released.

What is in it for the customer?

Time is Money! This is an old, but true, adage. Documentation is a key part of many businesses, but it takes away from their ability to be more productive. As a result, either documentation is not done effectively or opportunities are lost due to its time-consuming process. We provide products that enable streamlined documentation, resulting in lower costs and increased revenues.

Immediate ROI! When a customer invests in these solutions, they expect to get results for their money. In many situations, the solution will pay for itself in weeks, and they will be thanking you and wondering why they have not been doing this for years. You can actually change people's lives for the better.

Eliminate Transcription Costs! Many industries, especially doctors and lawyers, already dictate, but they either have an in-house transcription team or pay for a third-party firm to create documents. Dragon voice recognition software can either change the job from transcription to proofreading or eliminate it altogether. Either way, it will increase efficiency and save money.

The job does not matter - more productivity equals more profits!

As a Doctor: Government and insurance reimbursements are not large enough, so you must see more patients to be profitable. However, the more patients you see, the more documentation you need in order to keep accurate records for assuring the best quality of care.

All you need is time - a scarce and precious resource - considering you have an average of 8 to 10 minutes to dedicate to each patient. In this limited amount of time, writing notes about the needs of the patient can be time-consuming and actually incomplete due to being rushed. But improved documentation can also afford a higher reimbursement level, so it is important to be accurate and thorough.

Our speech recognition solutions, especially Dragon Medical Practice Edition, improve the speed and accuracy of documentation, eliminate transcription costs, and improve reimbursement due to more complete documentation. With the speech recognition solutions from eDist Canada Corp., doctors see more patients, keep better track of a patient's history, and make more money.

As a Lawyer: If you are still relying on an administrative support staff and outside transcription service to create legal documentation, you will soon realize - if you have not already - that today's legal industry demands a new approach. Transcription is a business expense since you and your assistants spend valuable resources and time documenting client communications, briefs, contracts, citations, and other legal materials. However, you can turn this expense creator into a profit generator.

eDist products, especially Dragon Legal, create lower overhead, faster document turnaround, and improved levels of service. By producing legal materials quickly, your assistants can focus on billable work. These benefits allow you to improve staff-to-attorney ratio, take on more clients, and outperform the competition.

It is simple - the more clients you have, the more money you make. The fast-paced environment and industry we serve demands a total solutions provider, and eDist Canada is the solution to the industry's demands.

As a Police Officer: The time spent on reports and away from patrolling does little for your community, and documentation requirements have increased dramatically for first responders over the years. You could, as a first responder, continue creating a safer society and continue generating more tax revenue instead of wasting valuable time typing.

eDist's professional dictation and transcription products, especially Dragon speech recognition software, move you past the hassle of transcribing notes from your tape recorder. In fact, officers and detectives can dictate reports and use simple voice commands to complete license look-up, speed though NCIC checks, and even expedite primary booking reports.

No matter the challenge, we can produce a voice processing solution to meet your demands. Whether at the desk or on the road, you can speed through paperwork with professional solutions from eDist Canada Corp.

As a Social Worker: The documentation process is an absolute burden when more people need to be helped than time allows you. Many social workers have no choice but to type handwritten notes into SACWIS systems. This comes after an already long and stressful day on the job.

So instead of spending a good portion of your day completing time-consuming paperwork, your time should be better filled by helping people in need, including yourself.

eDist's professional dictation and transcription products make documentation easier, quicker, and more accurate - thereby lowering taxpayer costs while assisting more people. You can dictate documents three times faster than typing and use voice-enabled commands to complete several functions. After all, being a social worker is about the people, not about the documents.

As an Insurance Adjuster: Accuracy and detailed descriptions are of the utmost importance. In fact, claims documentation inefficiencies are causing rapid cost escalations for insurance carriers. However, the documentation process is time consuming, making it more difficult to maintain the quality of the reports and to meet claims quotas.

eDist Canada Corp. has a dedicated team of professionals devoted to providing the best services and solutions to increase your accuracy, efficiency, and revenue. Our speech recognition products allow you to dictate documents three times faster by collapsing multi-step processes into simple voice commands. Do not fall behind - get ahead with eDist solutions.

As a Field Reporter: Whether you do field reporting for journalism or public utilities, the documentation process and transcription process are time consuming, making it increasingly difficult to provide detailed, accurate reporting while being time efficient.

But if you were able to save time documenting your reports, more jobs could be completed and more revenue could be earned.

We carry an array of professional dictation and transcription products, like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, to create documents and reports easier and faster. You can automate complex or repetitive PC tasks and can collapse them into simple voice commands. The dictation and transcription products from eDist Canada Corp. allow busy professionals to work faster and smarter.

As an Investment Advisor: It can be a struggle keeping up with the amount of paperwork you must complete on a regular basis - especially when required to meet the ever-expanding compliance requirements. But with speech recognition solutions, you can input notes and create electronic documents at speeds up to 160 words per minute.

This makes it easier for you to capture the detailed information needed to meet to minimize the risk of litigation and improves your service to investors. Our diverse line of dictation and transcription solutions drives higher productivity while minimizing compliance risk.

Today's speech recognition systems deliver an efficient alternative to traditional approaches for creating documents and capturing information. Boost your productivity by entering notes and creating documentation and correspondence faster with the solutions from eDist Canada Corp.

As an Educator: With the increasing demands of the education system, time and efficiency become two of the most valuable commodities. In order to meet these challenges, many educators rely on speech recognition software as a productivity tool to help them manage their overwhelming administrative workload.

eDist Canada Corp. carries an extensive line of dictation and transcription products to fit your speech recognition needs. For instance, software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you to dictate your lecture notes three times faster than typing, use voice-enable commands to complete several functions, and collapse multi-step processes into one simple voice command.

This technology is being used in an increasing number of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools today. Become more efficient, productive, and successful with the speech recognition solutions from eDist Canada Corp.

As a Person Needing Accessibility: Certain tasks can prove to be difficult if you experience impairments or disabilities. Whether you have mechanical, visual, verbal, or any other kind of impairments, disabilities, or injuries, it is important to remain productive and efficient in today's fast-paced environment.

eDist Canada Corp. carries a wide variety of solutions, like our diverse line of speech recognition products, to meet these demands. For instance, speech recognition software enables you to work virtually hands free when creating documents, accessing data, or navigating your computer desktop. At eDist Canada Corp., we have proven accessibility solutions to fit your needs.

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