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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 recognizes even the most complex medical terminology


Using Dragon Medical outside of the office.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 voice recognition software simplifies the transcription process and enables physicians to quickly, accurately and safely produce and store documents.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 speech-recognition software can be trained specifically to the way an individual pronounces a word so it clearly understands them every time. With over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies Dragon® Medical is engineered to recognize even the most complex medical terminology.

The software covers specialties from Allergy and Immunology and Internal Medicine to Rheumatology and Women's Health. Dragon® Medical Speech Recognition is the technology every physician needs for an optimized workflow.

Physicians can add new vocabulary terms into their existing profiles to further enhance their experience Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 can also scan files or emails to learn physicians writing style as well as update their vocabulary with new words or terminology. The Accuracy Tuning Feature uses acoustic and language model optimizers to adapt to individuals profiles, which improves recognition accuracy.

The intuitive technology driving Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 has a trained understanding of specialized medical vocabularies so you can document patient care in your own words with more than 99% accuracy.

  • Save time on clinical documentation by turning your speech to text 3x faster than typing
  • Save money on transcription fees by letting Dragon® Medical software transcribe for you

Physicians who use Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 report less frustration creating patient records and a renewed enjoyment in their practice.

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Using Dragon® Medical Outside of the Office


Using Dragon Medical outside of the office.

Many healthcare providers prefer (or need) to document their patient encounters outside of the office/clinic environment. Whether they're catching up on patient charts or working remotely, clinicians regularly ask us about installing Dragon® on their laptops, dictating with their smartphones, routing files to transcriptionists, and more.

Technical Environment

The version and edition of Dragon® that we'll be referring to in this article is Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2. When working with this application, you will always need a computer—whether that's a laptop or desktop—to install it on. There is no current Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 application available for the smartphone. Rather, some of the tips we will be providing refer to third party applications and/or hardware.

Working From a Laptop

Many providers want to know if they can install Dragon® Medical on both a work computer and a home laptop. Yes, you can install Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 on up to four computers. If you get beyond four computers, uninstall Dragon® from one to free up another install, or consult with your Dragon® reseller. They may be able to get you more activations from Nuance directly. Aside from portability, there's not a great deal of physical difference between using Dragon® dictation on a laptop and a desktop. You will have fewer USB ports, which may mean you need to unplug something to plug in your speech recognition microphone.

Laptop Performance

You will want to check your laptop's system specs, to see if they differ from your clinic workstation. If your laptop has less computing power, you'll probably notice it when using Dragon® Medical. If you want to improve this performance, consult with your IT department.

EHR Access

If you dictate directly into an EHR at the office, there's a decent possibility that you won't be able to at home. Because of the various layers involved in accessing EHRs, it's likely that you will need to use the Dictation Box in Hidden mode to make your notes. This is definitely a workable solution, and we regularly train clinicians on how to do this successfully.

Locally Installed

If your electronic health record software is installed locally on your laptop, along with Dragon® Medical speech recognition, you should be able to dictate directly into your patient charts. Caveat: If your EHR does not support Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 natively, you will still need to utilize the Dictation Box.


If your EHR is published to the World Wide Web, and can be accessed publicly, you should be able to use Dragon® Medical voice recognition directly in the application. You will need to ensure that the web browser has the Dragon® plug-in installed/enabled for full compatibility. Again, the same caveat applies: EHRs that don't natively support Dragon® Medical require the Dictation Box.

Local Applications

Maybe you aren't even making patient notes in an EMR. You might have a Microsoft Word template that you dictate into, or some other word processing software. Check the Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Administrator Guide for supported applications.

EHR Connectivity

Your EHR may be installed on your work computer, hosted on an application server, or delivered in some other method than locally. It's very possible that you will need to remote into your main workstation, VPN into your network, or connect to your EHR through multiple virtualization layers.

In each of these cases, when using Dragon® Speech Recognition on your laptop, you will need the Dictation Box. You may also have to perform additional setup/configuration. Please note, there is no guarantee that Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 will work in every deployment. Refer to the administrator's guide linked above for more details.

For more information about Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 or how to become a reseller – Contact your eDist Canada Rep Today.

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Microphone Tips in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2


Micrphone Tips in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

What Is the Software Microphone?

The Dragon® Medical software microphone is the entry point for all of the live dictation you need to perform—whether you’re a physician, nurse, radiologist, surgeon, dentist, or specialist. You can find it on the far left side of the DragonBar, which is the main interface module in the application.

In spite of what you might think, just because you’re speaking into a headset or a handheld microphone doesn't mean that Dragon Medical is listening to you. In addition to having the application running and an input device connected, you also need to have the software microphone activated. This alerts the program to start listening to everything that comes through your physical microphone.

Why Is the Software Microphone Important?

The software microphone is your primary feedback mechanism for knowing whether or not Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is listening to you. It’s highly recommended to get into the habit of watching the indicator icon, to see whether or not the application is ready to take your voice input. Not only does this help you not waste your time saying things that the program can’t hear, it keeps Dragon Medical from hearing things it doesn't need to.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, in order for the speech recognition engine to be able to preserve a pristine picture of your voice—and in order to avoid transcribing side conversations with your medical assistant into you document—it’s important that you only have the software microphone on when you, personally, are ready to dictate. This will help protect both your profile recognition accuracy and your documentation.

Best Practices for Using the Software Microphone

In general, there are a few things you want to do when using the software microphone in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2:

  1. Minimize any background noise where you are dictating. As we noted above, not only can this produce poor recognition results, but it can also eventually spoil your voice profile.
  2. Make sure that the software microphone is only on when you’re dictating or giving a command. It should otherwise remain off. You don’t want accidental dictation landing in the wrong field of your patient encounter. You can go back and fix it (if you catch the mistake), but we know you want it right the first time.
  3. Make sure that your physical microphone and the source you have currently selected in Dragon Medical match. If they do not, you are likely to get poor speech recognition results—and you run the risk of ruining the profile itself.
  4. Do a periodic audio check. From the DragonBar, click Audio > Check microphone. This will ensure that the volume you are speaking at, and the distance you place the microphone at, are properly accounted for.
    If you've got lots of red in the volume indicator, this is the recommended solution.
  5. Don’t let other people speak into your profile. Dragon Medical thinks your voice sounds like you—and you’ll want to keep it that way. Doing otherwise will effectively ruin your profile. One exception is during the audio and quality checks: you may use a stand-in for these without risk of confusing the application.

Word Properties in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2


Word properties in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Word Properties in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

You may already know about using spoken and written forms to customize how your words display. But there’s another method for manipulating how Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 transcribes your words.

In Dragon Medical, each vocabulary word has word properties. Using these properties allows you to configure words to appear a specific way—whether related to spacing, lines and paragraphs, capitalization, or context.

Before we go any further, also note that we’re working with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 for Windows. The layout is only slightly different for the Mac edition of Dragon Medical, and the functionality is almost identical, so Mac users should be able to benefit from this information as well.

If you have an earlier version of Dragon Medical, such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 or Dragon Medical 10, you will still have access to word properties. But, there may be some particular features that are only available in the latest version, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

What Are Word Properties?

In Dragon Medical, word properties allow you to configure how many spaces go around a particular word, determine what kind of capitalization the surrounding words get, insert line and paragraph breaks, and more. You have the flexibility to set up a very specific set of display properties for any given word. You can even have the word show up completely differently when numbers are involved.

We know doctors and other healthcare professionals often need their text to look a certain way, whether due to formatting restrictions or workflow requirements, for ease of use, or simply because of a personal preference. In conjunction with the written form of the word, word properties provide the functionality you need to document patient encounters, send emails, and write referrals with the appropriate formatting.

Here are some cases where word properties would be useful:

  • I need a word to display differently if it comes after numbers.
  • When I dictate this word, it should create a new paragraph automatically.
  • I want the cursor to tab when I say this word.
  • The word after this one should always be capitalized.
  • I want a new line after this word.

Keep in mind that for some of these cases, there are voice commands that can be used instead. What we’re going to discuss relates to the automation of specific formatting related to a word—so that you never have to use an extra command when you dictate that word.


Dragon® for Mac® Medical 5 vs Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac® 4


Dragon® for Mac® Medical 5 vs Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac® 4

If you use Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac v3 or v4 for your healthcare documentation, you already know how much easier it is to fill out a patient encounter using your voice. Now, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a new version of Dragon with a new name: Dragon for Mac Medical v5.

Upgrades And Updates

Upgrades: If you have Dragon Dictate for Mac v3 or v4, you can get a discount on v5 by purchasing an upgrade. And yes, the upgrade license does get you the full version of the program.

Updates: If you already have Dragon for Mac Medical v5, you'll want to get the latest update released since you installed it. Any bug fixes, improvements, and adjustments that Nuance has made to the application will be incorporated into Dragon for Mac Medical, and you'll be fully supported on the latest Mac OS operating system. And all for free.

Profiles And/Or Commands: If you have a profile from version 4 that you want to use in version 5, it should show up in your profile list automatically. You will need to run a brief upgrade on these profiles, which Dragon for Mac Medical will prompt you to do so when you try to open them after installation.

If you don't want to use your previous profile, but you have some custom commands that you want to keep, you can import them.

System Requirements

Now, let's look at the specifications your Apple® computer needs to meet in order for this version of Dragon to run successfully.

Operating System: Dragon for Mac Medical v5 cannot be installed on a tablet or a phone. It requires one of these three Mac OS X versions:

  • Mavericks OS X 10.9
  • Yosemite OS X 10.10
  • El Capitan OS X 10.11

If you have El Capitan, which is the latest version of the Mac OS, you need to be running at least version 5.0.1 of Dragon for Mac Medical. The chances are decent that you don't have any updates installed, so be sure to check.

Processor: If you have a modern chipset, such as an i3 or i5, the thing to focus on here is clock speed. Nuance requires 2.4Ghz or higher.

RAM: If you have at least 4 GB, you'll be fine. If you tend to have 3-4 applications open at once, or use Dragon heavily, 8 GB (or more) is advised.

Storage: You'll need some free disc space, as the install files are quite large. Make sure your computer has at least 8 GB of hard drive storage space open—16 GB if you are installing from a download.

EHRs: Dragon for Mac Medical v5 has full text control in MacPractice v5 notes fields. This means that you should be able to do everything Dragon Speech Recognition can normally do in a text field. In other EHRs, Dragon for Mac Medical will still transcribe your speech, but you may have limited functionality for selection, correction, etc.

A Point-By-Point Comparison

Now that we've reviewed some of the peripherals, let's look at the major differences you'll find in Dragon for Mac Medical 5 (compared to the previous version):

  • It is 15% more accurate than v4, and 35% more accurate than v3. That's a pretty significant leap—roughly a 1-in-7 improvement.
  • They've added new terms to the medical vocabularies, which represent 90+ healthcare disciplines. Note: there were the same number of vocabularies in the previous version.
  • They removed the American – Inland Northern accent and added American – Teens.
  • There is increased speech recognition accuracy using the built-in microphone. If you prefer this method of dictation, it just got a little more viable.
  • Version 5 provides better speech recognition accuracy for these accents: Canadian, SE Asian, Indian, and Australian English.
  • Version 5 supports both Microsoft Word 2016 and Word 2011, whereas version 4 only supported the latter. If you have a newer computer, or like to stay up-to-date, this is an important factor for your documentation environment.
  • You can now install from either a download or a USB stick. That means that if you don't have a DVD drive, you aren't limited to just downloading the application. And if you do, USB is definitely faster than using a disc.

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How to Use Hidden Mode in Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2


How to Use Hidden Mode in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

What Is Hidden Mode?

For users of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, Hidden Mode provides two functions you wouldn't normally have access to:

  1. If your electronic medical record requires the use of the Dictation Box, Hidden Mode allows you to work almost as seamlessly as you would were you dictating directly into the patient chart.
  2. This mode also enables you to review other websites or applications, dictating notes without having to click the Dictation Box, and without it getting in the way of your research.

Before we go further with Hidden Mode, let's talk a little about the Dictation Box—because you may have never used it before.

What Is the Dictation Box?

In case you didn't know, the Dictation Box is the tool that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 uses to interface with the myriad EMRs available to clinicians. While it does serve other purposes as well, it is primarily a platform for integration.

You can find the Dictation Box by going to the Dragon Bar and clicking on Tools > Dictation Box. Or, you can simply use the verbal command, "Open Dictation Box."

What Does It Mean to "Anchor the Dictation Box"?

If you go into the settings menu of the Dragon Bar, you'll see a curious feature on the Dictation Box tab. Click Tools > Options > Dictation Box and find the checkbox at the top that says, "Anchor Dictation Box to application."

This is not Hidden Mode. Rather, anchoring the Dictation Box tethers it to the active application at the time it is opened.

For instance, open Notepad and the Dictation Box (anchored), and then start up a web browser. As usual, Dragon will change your speech into text and place it in the Dictation Box. When you use the "Transfer Text" command, your dictation will then be pasted into Notepad, regardless of where you click your mouse or which application is active. Then, the Dictation Box closes.

How Do I Use Hidden Mode?

Hidden Mode is slightly different. Go back to the Dictation Box tab in the Options menu. Jump down to the section labeled "Hidden Dictation Box behavior."

Here are the recommended boxes to check:

  • (Required) Open Dictation Box as hidden
  • Allow user commands when hidden
  • Allow voice dictation commands when hidden
  • Leave Dictation Box open after text is transferred

Also, leave "Dictation Box visibility" at 50% to start with—you can always change the transparency to suit your tastes.

With the above configuration, here's what will happen when you open the Dictation Box:

  • The Dictation Box will start up in a translucent state.
  • Any dictation that you make will end up in the Dictation Box, no matter where your mouse is pointed.
  • In order to move a dictation to a specific field or application, click wherever you need the text to go and say, "Transfer text."
  • After you transfer your Dragon-recognized text, the Dictation Box remains open.
  • Continue with your patient note. There's no need to click back to the Dictation Box—Dragon Medical will put your text there automatically.

How Does That Help Me?

First of all, Hidden Mode powers you to do research and make notes without having to worry about whether your mouse is clicked into the Dictation Box. It also allows you to make the Dictation Box as visible or invisible as you need it to be.

Second, and more importantly, Hidden Mode enables you to work effectively within an EMR that doesn't play well with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. In essence, opening the Dictation Box as hidden allows you to dictate parts of the patient chart as needed, without having to move back and forth between Dragon and your EMR.

With Hidden Mode, you only need to dictate, click into the appropriate EMR field, and say, "Transfer text."

To learn more about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or how to become a reseller click here.

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How Does Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Support HIPAA Compliance?


Healthcare Data Privacy and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2   

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is designed to be an efficient, flexible, and accurate method for surgeons, nurses, general practitioners, and specialists to produce the necessary documentation to complete their patient note or encounter.

Given the changes urged forward by Meaningful Use, this happens, more and more, within the confines of an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Thus, healthcare professionals have to extend their concern for personal medical data and the privacy of the patient to the digital realm.

If you work in medicine, you likely already know how important it is to have software that supports your workflow and enables you to build a data stream that can be secured from end to end.

Dragon Medical is just that kind of software.

But before we dive head-first into an exploration of how the application works to secure your dictations, let's talk a little bit about HIPAA itself, as well as what it requires when it comes to Protected Health Information, commonly referred to as PHI.

HIPAA Regulates PHI Access

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It was created, in part, to protect people from having their personal health information released to or viewed by anyone who shouldn't have access to it.

HIPAA, originally put in place in 1996, was fully implemented by 2003—although it wasn't until the recent HITECH Act that EHRs became subject to HIPAA. These acts essentially work together to prevent personally identifiable patient data from being shared without the patient's consent.

In general, though not exclusively, the patient decides who should access their PHI—healthcare providers and insurance companies, notwithstanding. That's why they have you sign a Notice of Privacy Practices form when you visit the doctor's office. You have to acknowledge you understand how your PHI may be shared.

The parts of HIPAA that you really need to concern yourself with, for the purposes of Dragon Medical, are what's known as the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule. One says that you have to protect patient data; the other tells you what standards you need to meet to protect it.

How Does Dragon Medical Software Protect PHI?

So, what does this mean? What does Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 have to protect, specifically? Is the program considered HIPAA compliant?

Let me address that last question first.

HIPPA requires that Covered Entities and Business Associates handle PHI properly. Even if an application helps them do this, it is—in no way—a substitute for or a solution to the question of compliance.

That being said, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 does support HIPAA compliance. That means that the engineers at Nuance thought about healthcare providers when they were building the application, and they included features that they knew would make it possible to secure PHI while documenting patient encounters.

Now, there's really no practical way for Dragon Medical Software to know whether a clinician happens to be dictating what would be considered individually identifiable health information, or just a friendly letter to a colleague. That means that the software has to assume that everything being dictated is sensitive and needs to manage accordingly.

Tracing Speech and Text Through Dragon Medical

In order for us to understand how Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 supports HIPAA compliance, let's follow the voice and text data as it travels throughout the program. Keep in mind that the only part of your workflow that the software can affect is the part that it's involved in.

What follows represents a standard workflow for clinicians dictating into an EMR.

Stage One

When you begin to dictate into any program, Dragon Medical creates audio and text files. These are known as 'session files,' and they are temporary.

Stage Two

If you make corrections, they get put into .enwv files. These are used for optimization, and are encrypted before being saved to the profile.

Stage Three

When the session is over, your temporary Stage One files get put into a new .DRA file. This is then encrypted and saved to the local profile, or the local copy of the roaming profile.

Stage Four

During optimization, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will use the still-encrypted .DRA and .enwv files to try and improve your local profile. Roaming profiles may transfer these files to the network roaming directory when synchronization occurs, where they can then provide data for optimization.

All of the above encrypted files must be opened by Dragon Medical. The DragonPad can't access them, because it's a feature present in non-medical versions of the software.

Potentially Unprotected Data

Now, let's talk about where you might need to shore up your defenses with regard to Dragon Medical and PHI.

  1. First, have a look at Tools > Administrative Settings > Miscellaneous. 'Encrypt patient health information' should be checked, but you'll want to verify this.
  2. Next up, take note that audio files you save on purpose—when dictating into a word processing application—aren't encrypted. You'll know whether or not this is happening by navigating to Tools > Options > Data > 'Save recorded dictation with document.' If the setting is 'Never,' you're in the clear. If it's 'Ask Me' or 'Always,' you're either being prompted to save unencrypted data, or you're saving it automatically. Make sure your PHI is protected.
  3. If you want to stop creating .DRA files (the encrypted kind described in Stage Three), go to Tools > Options > Data again and check 'Conserve disk space required by user profiles (for portability).'
  4. Finally, make sure to uncheck 'Store corrections in archive' in the same Tools > Options > Data window we've been working in. Otherwise, you could be creating unencrypted .nwv files when you make corrections. We don't want that.  This last change may somewhat limit your ability to optimize your Dragon Medical profile. If this is a concern, we recommend running profile optimization more often.

Just In Case

Please remember that HIPAA compliance is the responsibility of Covered Entities and their Business Associates. We're just arming you with information that you can use to help meet your Privacy and Security Rule obligations as you operate Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. And this information only applies to that particular version.

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Don’t Miss Out on Back-To-School Consumer Dictation Device Sales


Don't Miss Out on Back-to-school Consumer Dictation Device Sales

Summer is winding down and each day brings us one step closer to the start of another school year.    Why not capitalize on the upcoming back-to-school shopping bonanza with eDist Business’ line of top quality, hand-held, consumer dictation devices by Olympus® and Philips®?  Dictation devices have become increasing popular with high school and college students, writers, field reporters, and even musicians, as they become aware of the unique benefits of each. Expand your reach beyond the office environment by tapping into this burgeoning market and see your profits grow, as dictation devices become a go-to tool for increasing numbers of students and business consumers.

eDist Business is able to offer the largest selection of consumer dictation devices to resellers in North America today because of long-standing relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, such as Olympus and Philips. Their products are designed to be user-friendly, ergonomic, technologically advanced and reasonably priced.

Olympus: Olympus manufactures consumer dictation devices and accessories, such as cases, cords, adaptors and microphones. The company’s most recent innovation is the Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder. This sleekly profiled device features up to 1,620 hours of recording time, an Omni-directional, stereo microphone, Olympus’s unique “Anti-Rustle filter” background noise suppression technology and for multi-speaker situations, Voice Balancer, which ensures all voices can be heard clearly during playback.

Philips: Philips, a leader in the consumer dictation realm, offers a wide variety of speech solutions to consumers, including recorders, transcribers and conference recording devices. Philips consumer dictation devices are great for students, everyday users and small businesses. Philips headsets, microphones and foot-pedal controlled dictation devices help consumers organize their lives and their small businesses without the investment costs of professional dictation devices.

As the leading wholesale distributor of consumer dictation devices, eDist Business can provide resellers with the tools to expand their customer bases to include the day-to-day casual user of consumer dictation devices. eDist Business is your best source for pre- and post-sales training and support, along with superior pricing. With our nationwide logistics and fulfillment system, products can get to your customers quickly, saving you costly overhead for warehousing, staffing and shipping. Interested in becoming an eDist Business reseller, please click here.


Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 Takes the Outstanding and Makes it Better


Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Wholesale

Nuance Communications has improved upon an already potent force with its Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4, which is faster, more accurate and higher performing than the speech recognition software’s previous versions.

Among the improvements Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 offers are:

  • Enhanced compatibility with OSX Mavericks and Yosemite
  • Heightened performance with pure 64-bit applications
  • Support for full text control of Gmail within Safari and Firefox.
  • Updated medical vocabularies
  • New support for “General English” vocabulary

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 is the world’s most advanced medical dictation solution for practices with 24 physicians or less. Over 200,000 physicians worldwide have adopted Dragon Medical speech recognition technology as their tool for speech-enabling their EMR-EHR system and creating a more profitable practice. The software can turn speech into text three times faster than typing, with more than 99 percent accuracy, right out of the box. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 also features a medical vocabulary library that includes more than 90 specialties and sub-specialties.

Physicians can dictate patient notes, comprehensive treatment plans, and send emails, letters, referrals and more, all with the sound of their voice. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 streamlines documentation workflows and allows physicians to easily dictate appointment and clinical notes directly into Mac-based EMR-EHR systems, such as MacPractice. Additionally, Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4’s patented speech recognition technology recognizes 9 regional accents and can also be trained specifically to the way an individual pronounces a word so it clearly understands them every time.

The software also allows you to build timesaving, customizable macros to replace repetitive clicking and typing with simple voice commands to insert boilerplate text and commonly used terms. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 is also HIPAA compliant, another key reason this software continues to be the choice for physicians who utilize the Mac platform.

With Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4, physicians are able to spend less time on documentation and more time on what is most important to their practice – patient care.

eDist Business is the leading wholesale, value-added distributor of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. A long-standing relationship with Nuance Communications, means eDist Business can offer Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 to resellers at the lowest wholesale prices available. For more information on Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 or to become a reseller, please visit us here.


Speed Up Document Dictation with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

With Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal, attorneys and other legal professionals can dictate briefs, wills, contracts and other documents with a speed that far exceeds other transcription methods. NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal’s industry leading technology makes it the most advanced speech-recognition available, to date.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal turns speech into text three times faster than typing with 99% accuracy, right out of the box. The software product allows you to quickly and easily dictate emails, letters, and documents, open and close programs, and even navigate the Web – all with the sound of one's voice.

Legal professionals can save time, increase productivity and enhance their bottom line with NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal features that enable you to edit and format documents without touching a keyboard. “Smart Format Rules” automatically adapt to how you want abbreviations, numbers and more to appear, so you don’t have to correct them every time.

Customizable macros can be used to automate business processes and custom voice commands can be created for inserting frequently used text and controlling applications.

With NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal’s vocabulary editor, it’s easy to personalize the software to include frequently used acronyms, proper names and other unique or business-specific phrases. You can also import, export and share customized vocabularies across a practice’s computer network.

eDist is a Value-Added Distributor of Dragon Speech Recognition software and offers free training and support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal to its clients.

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Create and Send Email with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro


The process of sending emails is streamlined with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro, the market’s most advanced speech-recognition solution. Clients can simply talk rather than type to create an email, which is just another efficiency enhancing and productivity boosting benefits the software features.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro’s patented technology adds ease to the lives of busy professionals, students or anyone seeking to maximize the power of their PC to help them work faster and smarter. This most recent version of Nuance Communication’s speech-recognition software turns talk into text three times faster than typing, with 99 % accuracy, right out of the box. It’s advanced editing tools, such as spell check as you go, minimizes errors and customizable macros enable clients to save time and money by automating workflows and multi-step processes with the sound of their voice.

Creating and editing documents whether it’s spreadsheets and presentations, or emails can be done quickly, accurately and comfortably. A menu of voice shortcuts makes it easy to compose and send emails, and custom voice commands can be created for inserting frequently used text and graphics, and boilerplate.

eDist Business is the largest Value-Added Distributors of Dragon Speech Recognition software in North America. To learn more about Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro 13 or other voice recognition products; or on becoming an authorized reseller of Dragon products, please click here.


Set-Up Process is Made Easier With Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

A simplified set-up process is just one of the advancements offered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro, as compared to Version 12 of the industry leading speech recognition software.

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking13 Pro improved out-of-the-box accuracy makes profile creation has been made even briefer in several key ways.

Profile names are now assigned, rather than entered, for the initial profile and clients can rename the profile at their convenience. Because Dragon 13 is 99% accurate right out of the box, the reading of four minutes of text is no longer necessary as part of the speech recognition set up. That step is only necessary if additional recognition training is needed. Users are no longer asked to adapt the software’s vocabulary based on documents and emails. However, that analysis can always be launched after the set up.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro is the most advanced speech recognition software on the market to date. The software turns talk into text three times faster than typing and is a valuable tool in increasing a business’ productivity and profitability. Dragon 13 is easy to use and with all the helpful tutorials you are able to ramp up productivity quickly.

eDist is proud to be a Value-Added Distributor of Dragon Speech Recognition software and offers free training and support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro and Legal to its clients.

To learn more about Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro 13 and becoming an authorized reseller of Dragon products, please click here.


Attorneys Can Create Detailed Briefs and Other Documents with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal


Busy legal professionals can boost their productivity and effectiveness in serving clients with the assistance of the Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal speech recognition software by Nuance. Dragon software products are 99-percent accurate, right out of the box, and Naturally Speaking 13 Legal recognizes specific legal terms, which further optimizes recognition accuracy for law practices.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal features the most advanced speech recognition technology available, to date. The software’s enhanced features enable practices of any size to simplify the process of creating detailed contracts, briefs and other documentation through the sound of one’s voice, rather than typing.

To further augment speed and accuracy, Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Legal users can create, import and share custom word lists that are relevant to clients and an attorney’s area of specialty. Legal citations can be formatted automatically and third-party correction features can be leveraged to speed document turnaround and allow staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

eDist Business is is a Value-Added Distributor for Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Legal and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro. If a client has questions before or after the sale, they can turn to eDist, which provides free training and support for Dragon products.

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Get it right the first time with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Professional


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Getting it right is a must for any successful business and it’s also a strength of Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro speech recognition software. Developed by Nuance, Dragon speech recognition technology for professionals is 99-percent accurate, right out of the box, and can turn talk into text three times faster than typing.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro, business professionals can be confident in using their computer for dictation, while dramatically reducing the time and expense associated with transcription. The software’s patented technology allows for compatibility with all major Windows-based applications, and provides for a quick and easy way to send emails, create and edit documents, search the Internet and manage workflow, all with the sound of one’s voice.

Proofreading is simplified and accuracy enhanced by advanced editing tools, such as spell check as you go, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version Pro 13 constantly interprets what is being said to further minimize errors. Email signatures, boilerplate and other frequently used text can be created and inserted by custom voice commands.

Top-notch customer service is a hallmark of eDist Business LLC, Value-Added Distributor of Dragon Speech Recognition software. If a client has questions before or after the sale, they can turn to eDist, which provides free training and support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.

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Help your clients increase their efficiency with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Wholesale

Your clients, current and future, are looking for ways to increase their efficiency, streamline their workflows, and make their work life easier. When you can offer Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Professional, the leading speech-recognition solution for professionals, students, and everyone in between, you can offer them all these benefits and more. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional gives users a way to instantaneously create emails, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, all in their own words. Partnering with eDist Business will give you the power to provide your clients with a speech-recognition solution that has value-added services and support.

eDist Business is the largest value-added wholesaler of speech-recognition solutions like Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional. That means, as a partner of eDist Business, you will get wholesale pricing, logistical and marketing services, and ongoing technical support for you and your customers. When your customer base expands to a wide variety of professionals and students, you will receive the support you need to assist with installation and implementation of this software. Traveling professionals and students will appreciate the ability to surf the Web and transcribe from anywhere while all users will love the customization options that Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional provides.

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Superior dictation is served with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 for Legal Professionals


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Box ShotWith Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal, you use your voice to dictate documents or enter text in any space you normally type. It provides you with a voice-driven user experience that learns your words and phrases to deliver the most accurate results available in the speech industry today.

Edit your documents, and format them to your own specifications – using bold font, underlining and similar creations. Using the “Smart Format Rules”, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal adapts to how you work and how you abbreviate words, names and phrases. Now you don’t have to make multiple corrections every time you work.

Sending out emails has never been easier. Zip right through many popular web applications such as Gmail™, Outlook® and Yahoo! Mail® which makes using full voice driven editing and command capabilities all within your power.

So boost your productivity and allow Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal to serve superior dictation to your legal practice today.

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Bring your clients the power of the finest voice and speech recognition solutions with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional


Dragon NaturallySpeaking ProfessionalIf you are a business owner selling and providing office products and business solutions, you understand that the products and services that you offer need to produce a savings for your client. That savings is usually manifested in time or money. What if you could offer them a solution that delivers both?

By introducing the most innovative technology in the voice and speech recognition industry into your clients’ business model, they could yield results in both time and money savings by streamlining their workflow. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is made for busy professionals. The software is intuitive and accurate allowing their spoken words to be turned into text much faster than typing. 

With easy to setup profiles, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Pro can have your clients up and running in minutes – saving them from endless typing of documents and emails. With a more streamlined workflow, they can see savings in time quickly which can translate to a financial savings by being more productive.

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Speech recognition gets more intuitive with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 for Professionals.


With a completely redesigned user Interface, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is more intuitive than ever with key enhancements such as DragonBar, Learning Center and Interactive Tutorial.

dns13pro_boxThe re-imagined DragonBar clearly provides the controls you need when you need them, then smartly collapses when you no longer have use for it – saving valuable screen real estate space.

Another enhanced function is the Learning Center – which contains essential commands advice you need to get the most from each application. Switch to a different context and the commands change with you – very intuitive!

The Interactive Tutorial function has been augmented as well. Short, progressive simulations now introduce the DragonBar, The Learning Center and other key features and options. This function is automatically presented at the end of the profile creation process; a smart benefit even for the more experienced Dragon software user. When you add in the enhancements made to the Interactive Tutorial in V13, it’s easy to see why so many professionals choose Dragon software as their speech recognition solution.

With all the ongoing enhancements and updates being made to this already versatile voice recognition software, maybe it’s time you took some time to add this software to your professional arsenal of productivity.

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