Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

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Medical Speech Recognition for Mac

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

Physicians who are loyal to the Mac platform can now experience seamless integration of speech recognition technology with their EMR. From the ground up Dragon Dictate Medical was developed for the Mac platform and is designed to provide the ultimate experience on Mac operating systems.

Mac users can expect a superior level of performance for their software solutions and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac delivers on its promise. Small to mid-size medical practices using the Mac operating systems will now benefit from the same award-winning Dragon Medical speech recognition technology already used by more than 200,000 clinicians worldwide.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is also fully functional with existing iOS applications Mac enthusiast can't seem to live without.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac


Save time

Save measureable amounts of time each day with speech-to-text results 3x faster than typing and more than 99% accurate prior to customization.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac provides streamlined proofing tools and a powerful correction interface that is another time saver when editing is required. Moreover, the advanced technology adapts to the voice and words used to deliver increasing recognition results over time.

Upgrade Practice Efficiency

Upgrade practice efficiency with "meaningful use" of the EMR and the achievement of higher reimbursement levels.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac integrates closely with EMRs to help healthcare providers create a more complete and accurate patient documentation that results in improved coding effectiveness and increased practice volume and profitability.

Dragon Medical for Mac

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac opens up the opportunity for clinicians to speech-enable their EMR, create more effective and profitable documentation, realize higher reimbursement levels and significantly reduce or eliminate transcription costs.


EMR Support: More thorough patient documentation provides the healthcare provider greater confidence to code at higher levels than with an EMR system alone

Specialized Medical Vocabularies: More than 90 medical specialties and subspecialties that include 30,000 terms specific to the practice of medicine

Vocabulary Editor: Ability to add terms or set alternative spelling of words or phases (e.g. orthopedic vs. orthopaedic)

Faster, More Advanced Correction: Simply speak to correct individual words or phrases through a single, easy to understand window and select an alternate word choice, or spell and train new words.

Acoustic Models: Dictate in your own words, generating streamlined documentation at one pass

Regional Accent Support: Supports many regional accents of non-native English speakers (such as Indian, Latino, or Southeast Asian), and other accents (such as Australian or American - Southern) in addition to UK English and US English

Free-Text Dictation: Enables dictation of more detailed 'History of Present Illness', more flexible 'Review of Symptoms' and more descriptive 'Assessment and Plan'

Transcription of Recorded Speech: Eliminate the need for outsourced transcription. Physicians will efficiently transcribe recorded speech audio files into text and are then off to see their next patient

Secure Patient Information: Supports HIPPA confidentiality requirements

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