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So You've Got Something To Say... Now What?

Input devices, like headsets, voice recorders, and USB microphones, are a quickly growing industry. eDist Canada's resellers who sell input devices are poised to make big profits and secure their place for future sales of these devices in this rapidly growing market. VARs who are able to offer a wide variety of input devices in addition to speech-recognition software can provide their current and new customers with everything they need to implement speech-recognition solutions to their offices and homes.

Expanding your product line means expanding your profit margins where speech-recognition solutions are concerned. Being a part of the eDist VAR community allows you access to in-depth product knowledge and technical training for you and your clients. These are just a few of the value added services provided to you by eDist.

Input Devices To Suit Everyone

Offer your growing customer base the latest in input devices, produced by companies that have been developing and refining dictation devices for speech-recognition solutions, Bluetooth headsets for professional and consumer use, and voice recorders for dictation on the go.

Nuance - The PowerMic III

  • Features two cord lengths and USB connectivity and an ergonomic design that enables users to dictate, navigate, edit, and review dictated digital documentation all with thumb controls
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with DragonĀ® Medical Practice Edition 2, this dictation device gives healthcare professionals the power to save time and money, all while instantaneously creating PIPEDA-compliant digital documentation

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Olympus Professional Portable Voice Recorders

  • The DR-1200 and DR-2200 both feature an ergonomic design with an easy-to-use trackball that makes navigation with one hand easy. The low-noise directional microphone ensures that users' dictations are clear and easy to understand, with a minimum of background noise. Both voice recorders have received the highest Dragon rating and are compatible with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
  • The DS-3500 and the DS-7000 are perfect for healthcare, legal, insurance, and other business professionals on the go, delivering crystal clear voice recordings thanks to speech-optimized microphones. All voice recordings are encrypted so users can rest assured that their recordings are secure and, since both recorders have received the highest rating from Dragon, integrating these devices with Dragon Legal, Professional, or Law Enforcement

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Olympus USB Microphones

  • Easily connect the DR-1200 and the DR-2200 to a PC via USB for fast transfer of voice recordings. Both microphones feature an ergonomic design meant to fit easily in one hand, with five programmable buttons to customize the device to suit users' individual needs. The DR-1200 allows users to program in a user ID that is then automatically attached to any file name uploaded by that user

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Olympus Consumer Recorders

  • With a wide range of functions and a budget-friendly price point, these consumer recorders all feature internal memory and an easy-to-use interface. The LS-series, like the LS-14 and the LS-12, are made for musicians and audiophiles who want to produce high quality sound recordings. The DM- and WS-Series voice recorders are being increasingly used by business, insurance, and automotive professionals and the DM-901 is Wi-Fi-compatible and can be remotely controlled via smartphone. For students and the more budget-conscious, the DP-311 is the right choice, with 2GB of internal memory and a removable SD card, it joins mobility with functionality for a low price

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Philips SpeechMike™

  • The most advanced dictation devices available today that feature a variety of functions that is currently the most widely used dictation device in the healthcare industry, including an ergonomic design created to eliminate device noises when in use and to help reduce surfaces where bacteria may accumulate, making it suitable for clinical environments. The SpeechMike Air lets users step away from the computer while the SpeechMike Premium LFH-3600 series has an integrated bar code scanner, which allows users to easily link patients to a designated bar code, streamlining workflow

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Philips - Professional Portable Voice Recorders

  • Even users who are accustomed to analog voice recorders have found the Philips Pocket Memo 6000 and 7000 series digital recorders easy to use since the design, or classic mode, is modeled after analog recorders but delivers digital voice recordings. With both slide-switch and push-button models available, users will enjoy long battery life and improved scrolling functionality, especially in the 8000 series

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