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Speech Solutions

The future is now! Digital voice solutions and speech recognition software have evolved to being nearly perfect and is becoming an essential part of everyday life. Contact eDist to find out how you can get into the business now while the market still has huge potential. Where else can you make great margin on the original sale, additional revenue on training, and recurring revenue on upgrades, support, and accessories?

eDist has a multi-layered team of expert solution specialists. Our services cover training, technical support, marketing, and certification on the leading industry manufacturers. We also assist in pre-sales and post-sales support. We can even offer you the ability to resell our technical services and let us do the hard stuff.


We carry only the top brands in the voice processing industry. From Nuance’s one-of-a-kind Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Voice Recognition Software to the high-quality portable dictation of Olympus and Philips, as well as companion lines like: Andrea, Plantronics, Revo, Sony, and VXI. We have the right products to help you succeed.

About Us

Founded in 2009, eDist Canada Corp. has built a wholesale-only business exclusively around the speech solutions industry. As the largest distributor of professional dictation and voice recognition software, we are committed to developing clients into value-added resellers so they can be a part of this fast growing and profitable opportunity.

If you have not joined this exclusive opportunity yet, contact us today to find out how your Company can yield more by working with us. If you are in the business already, then you probably know of us, and we invite you to partner more closely with us. We can elevate your company to the next level of excellence and profitability!