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Current market trends show that more professionals are looking to upgrade their dictation equipment.

Become an Olympus Dictation Reseller


Become an Olympus Dictation Reseller

Olympus Dictation is helping make a difference for busy professionals. Olympus dictation and transcription products help save hours of time each day so users can be more productive than ever during the work week. Resellers who have clients in a variety of business sectors can benefit from using Olympus dictation and transcription products.

When resellers work with eDist Canada, they not only get to be part of the billion-dollar speech industry and take advantage of our proven recurring revenue software model, but they also receive other benefits like white-label technical support, an exclusive marketing portal, access to product experts, ongoing training and certifications, and much more.

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What are the Benefits of Being an Olympus Reseller?

When you become a Value-Added Reseller with eDist, you’ll get the full power of a team behind you that’s been in the speech solutions industry for almost 50 years.

Here is a list of the benefits of becoming an Olympus reseller with eDist Canada:

  • Ongoing education, regular webinars, and certifications
  • Access to industry Product Experts
  • Pre- and post-sales assistance
  • Scalable white-label technical support program
  • Access to the eDist Marketing Portal
  • Business development resources
  • Lower cost to go-to-market
Olympus Professional Dictation

How Olympus Dictation Software Can Help Your Clients

It can take up to four hours to transcribe one-hour of audio if you’re not using a professional recording device. End-users gravitate toward using Olympus digital recorders because it gives them crystal clear sound, ample recording time and convenient file management.

Most voice recorder models can easily and quickly transfer audio files to a computer via the cloud, a PC connection, USB cable or removable media. When you combine the power of Olympus digital recorders with Olympus transcription devices, the end-user gets a complete solution that can integrate into any workflow.

The Olympus Dictation Management Solution platform can share dictation files in real-time with Wi-Fi-enabled Olympus devices. Files are safe and secure when they’re shared with 256-bit encryption, so you never have to worry. This eliminates the need to keep track of cassette tapes and your transcriptionist won’t have to wait to receive the tape before they can start transcribing the audio, which can save hours of time.

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Realize SaaS Revenue with Olympus Dictation

If becoming an Olympus reseller sounds like a good fit for your product line and business offerings, let us know. Olympus dictation and transcription products can benefit busy professionals from all types of business sectors and the advantages resellers receive with eDist Canada are unmatched in the speech solutions industry. Join our SaaS partner program today and become one of our partners in success.

We have a limited number of seats available in our exclusive Reseller Program. Contact us now for more information about how Olympus dictation and transcription products can be implemented into your clients’ systems.

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