The Nuance PowerMic III

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Ergonomic handheld speech recognition microphone for enhanced productivity - Nuance PowerMic III
Physician using PowerMic III

Nuance® PowerMic™ III is specially designed to enhance clinician productivity, providing ergonomic control of both standard dictation and speech recognition functions.

Offering Physicians a choice of either a 3' or 9' USB cable to fit their needs, the unidirectional microphone with noise-cancellation ensures higher accuracy in even the noisiest environments. With the PowerMic III, clinicians can rapidly navigate report template fields, then record and use "voice fill-in" capabilities to insert recognized text into report templates. By combining an ergonomic hand microphone with PC mouse functions, clinicians gain new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use, and productivity.

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PowerMic III Features

Ergonomic Thumb-Control

Ergonomic Thumb-Control

Control speech recognition functions with PC mouse functions for higher levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use, and productivity.

Ergonomic Thumb-Control

Plug & Play

USB connectivity with plug-in installation eliminates the need for sound card-enabled PCs.

Ergonomic Thumb-Control

Advanced, Accurate Dictation

Unidirectional microphone with noise cancellation ensures higher accuracy, even in the noisiest environments.

Ergonomic Thumb-Control

Ergonomic &

Contoured surfaces heighten user comfort while optimizing recording angles, with an anti-microbial surface for use in clinical settings.

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